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What does this mean for you?


Your business is a target.




Because small businesses make it easy, and many have no budget to bolster security.


Because now it’s not a matter of “IF” or “WHEN” cyber thieves will steal your data, they already have.



Cyber thieves want your information so they can:

  • Sell your information for cash

  • Open up lines of credit in your name, ruining your credit rating and online reputation

  • Extort, blackmail or coerce money directly from you


But fear not, EVEN IF your information was compromised, this simple security system will work for you…



A simple snackable security system for badass and busy business owners.


A private security consultant for a price so low you’ll wonder, what’s the catch?


I can assure you, there isn’t one.


This is a system for people, like you, who know you SHOULD be concerned about security, and know you need more of it in your business.


I don’t know your plans for the upcoming year, but I am convinced NOW is the time that you are ready to implement better business practices, which includes better security.


Results are measured weekly, and progress is made in bite (or byte) sized ten minute blocks.


It’s a system that forces you to focus on the bottom line of your business, to bolster your security EVEN IF you are too busy and can’t be bothered.


Because you don’t need to be a superhero to learn security, you need simple solutions and a plan to get you there.


If you’ve already spent a dollar fixing your broken systems or been part of a data breach, this is the place for you.


This is a no-frills, distraction-free environment where doing/execution is prioritized over bells and whistles, bonuses and freebies.

More bolstering your business, without busting your budget.


No distractions. No hidden deals.


The Simple Snackable Security System complements whatever software systems you’re currently using in your business. If you have no systems set up, this is a great place to start, we can layer in your security as you go!


This is a low-touch, low-cost, limited-time investment, simple security solution.


Who is this for?


This system is for business owners, the self-employed, and anyone who wants an easier way to learn how to protect their profits and secure their systems.


What does this mean for you?


It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or what industry you serve; This system will work for you.


What you DON’T get in Security Snacks


You don’t get distractions or huge demands on your time.


This means:


No Facebook Groups


No Weekly or Monthly Calls


No Meetups


No Checklists


This Simple Snackable Security System fits into your day, takes no time out of your week, and keeps you focused, my badass business bestie, on your business.


Why Simple Snackable Security?


Simple: Because no one wants or needs more work. You know you need security, but for whatever reason, every time someone tries to explain it to you, your eyes glaze over, your neck gets tense, and you’d rather attempt a winged liner in the dark, than focus on your tech systems.


Simple: Because you’ll have a single weekly activity when you join the program, and it won’t take you more then ten minutes to complete.


This means you will have one simple task for the week, and can focus on what really matters, your business.


Snackable: Who doesn’t love snacks?


Snacks are bite-sized, easily consumable, highly craveable.


No need for an entire plate of information, I will dish out a delicate portion of EXACTLY what you need to know to secure your systems.


Security: Because your business is a target.


Because busy business owners leave their systems open and easy to hack, and many have no budget to bolster security.


Because it’s not a matter of “IF” or “WHEN” cyber thieves will steal your data, they already have.


This a space for bosses, and busy business owners.


You’ve got your business going full steam ahead, and this system only requires a single commitment when you join today.


What is that commitment?


To open an email, and follow the quick tip, video or message.


I encourage responses to my emails, and if you’re inclined to drink wine (or something stronger) when you’re reading the ONE email a week, I encourage it.



Hi, I am Shannon Miller, a Security Specialist, and I help keep the Darkside out of your life and business. Cyber thieves and cyber criminals might not look like Vader, but the damage they can do to you and your business and reputation can be costly and irreparable if untreated.

I started out in the security industry over a decade ago, as a government contractor, diplomat, and IT analyst. It sounds boring, but when you love what you do, it’s nerd-level exciting.

My goal is to help simplify security, to save you buckets of money in security clean up costs and to prepare and protect you when the worst happens.


Not everybody gets to call me “Security Babe”


What if you knew the what, where, why and how cyber thieves steal your data, and the exact steps you need to take to lock down and protect your information? Knowledge is power over cyber criminals, and helps you stay prepared and protected from the next potential Dark Side smackdown.

Just imagine for a moment…

  • Feeling empowered with your newfound knowledge of how to protect and prevent against cyber thievery so your business is safe.

  • Taking back control of your information, and saving yourself hours of worry and stress so that you can sleep better at night.

  • Having the tools, tips and tricks to spot a scam before anyone else, so that some cyber troll can’t to leech money from your accounts.

  • And imagine no more nights of being curled up in the fetal position eating your hair (that’s an added and unexpected bonus).


the simple security system for busy business owners, without the budget busting price, to protect yourself and your business, so that you can sleep safe and secure, knowing your business won’t have downtime in dollars.

Inside Security Snacks, you’ll discover the Snackable Security System:

  • 52 weeks, one lesson every Friday on how to take control of your security, without losing your hair and hope.

  • Practical Privacy, how to protect your website and your information from leaking all over the internet.

  • Scam Spotting: How to spot the criminals, why you’re being targeted, The Good, the Bad and the Weird.

  • Breach Basics, all the resources you need to know now, to protect your business bottom line.

  • Your Digital Footprint, what it is, why it matters and how to protect your precious information.

The Snackable Security System allows you to…

    • Understand where you’re most vulnerable in cyberspace.

    • Reduce stress and worry, knowing you have the tools, tips & tricks to protect your business.

    • Evaluate what security services offer with confidence and decide which resources are right for your business.

    • Know how to safeguard your business, data and customer information going forward

This SIMPLE and flexible security system fits into your daily life, takes virtually no time out of your week and keeps you focused on your business bottom line.



Security Snacks Packages


Q. What is Security Snacks?

A. A 12 month, once a week email system, which provides simple security steps to help you lock down your business.



Q. Will you acknowledge my emails?

A. Yes, without a doubt.



Q. What happens when I join today?

A. You’ll get two emails, one welcoming you right away and another on Friday, and the following Friday and every Friday after that for an entire year. That means no upsells, no add-ons, no sneaky, slimey or sleazy marketing pitches, and no other “exciting” opportunities to join my billion and one other programs.



Q. Can I have a private 1:1 security consultation with you?

A. Private consultations are NOT part of this program. You can schedule a private consult with me Here

Security Snacks is designed for you if you know you need security in your business but don’t know where to start. It’s an excellent foundational system to start securing your business and learning WHY it matters to your business bottom line, without busting your budget.




Q. Are there going to be specific topics in Security Snacks?

A. Absolutely.

January is all about New Year, New Tech, the latest and greatest security tech for your business. Additionally, you will learn about security audits for your business, which could save you thousands in clean-up costs. If that’s not enough, we’ll also cover what do if a security breach happens to you.

February the focus is on securing your social media, and the latest tactics of social engineers and hackers. You will learn about privacy for you and your family, how to stay safe from cyber thieves, and how to create a positive presence online, without revealing too much.  

March is the month of Breach Basics. We’ll be doing a Digital Spring Cleaning of all your information to help you better protect your life and business. We’ll look at your Digital Footprint and how it impacts your online business and reputation.

In April you will learn all about Scam Spotting, the tools, tips and tricks of how to spot a scam from a mile away. Scammers aren’t just interested in phishing now, we’ll get into whaling, SMiShing, and Vishing.

May is the month of management, Password and data management that is…you will learn all about two-factor and multi-factor authentication and how to use it for all your devices. We’ll also cover all the coolest tech tools to secure your info, and the tools I use to manage my life and business.

As you can see, each month builds on the others, allowing you to learn at a simple and steady pace, without getting overwhelmed, stressed out or worried about what’s next.


Q. How is Security Snacks delivered?

A. There are 52 lessons, sent via email every Friday for 52 consecutive weeks, starting right after you sign up.

Q. What happens if I unsubscribe?

A. If you accidentally unsubscribe, send me an email at and I will resubscribe you. If you decide you’ve had enough of Security Snacks, you can also send me an email and you will NOT receive further emails for the Snacks System. There are no refunds.



Q: Does this system work?

A: It works if you set aside 10-15 minutes every week to read and reply to an email. Implementation is up to you, I am here to guide you through the process, and answer basic questions.

Remember this is a bite-sized system, a 12 month program, 52 weeks of lessons for an entire year. You signed up for easy, not speedy results.



Q: Are there refunds?

A: No, there are no refunds for this program.


No one is talking about how to take simple security steps to guide your life and business.

Security Snacks makes it easier, putting all the pieces together in one place, for you to take bite-sized security steps. For the price of a few appetizers, and without the guilt, now you’ll have the confidence, skills, and resources to go full security ninja on cyber thieves and trolls. You’ll no longer be an easy target, and the next time some cyber criminal comes around, it won’t be for you.

Simple. Snackable. Security.


Security Snacks Packages